Friday, February 12, 2010

Display Boards Spring 2010

Spring Display Boards~ These are the ones I will be using at my workshops and clubs throughout the spring idea book January-April

As a new consultant these helped me to showcase are wonderful products and some projects you can complete with our papers!
I had a boards to showcase my upcoming workshops for the entire year and a sign up sheet in front of the board~ I have trouble getting people to sign up for things they are excited and will probably end up coming they just do not want to sign up no commitment, I will have to work on that... maybe some sort of incentive or gift for signing up for a workshop~
my hostess board this one is so cute, and it worked I got bookings in January so we will see how many more I can get from this cute board!
And Last but definitely not least my join my team board, I have stories from real consultants (I got them from the corporate website) and information from me personally! it got some looks but again no commitments this one should take a little extra thought since it is more than one party :) Hopefully I can get some people to look into this and join me on my fun adventure!

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