Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I never understood why they call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday....
...When I began working Retail 6 years ago I realize Black Friday is the nicest way to put the nightmare that is Black Friday!

I never had any really major problems when I worked at the Dept. store at the mall my first year I found it to be so comical 2 grown women arguing and fighting over a 10.00 sweater "It is mine I had it first"..."no I am so sorry you are sadly mistaken that sweater is MINE" Yelling and holding up the line Had to call security and all and in the end they both got a sweater.

I really don't need anything bad enough to wait in a 3 hour line( happened last year) or fight someone over it, I would give the product to the other person it is just not worth it to me.

Do not get me wrong I LOVE shopping black Friday I don't know if it is the thrill of getting up early and waiting to get in the mall I really don't go shopping with an item in my mind that if I do not get it the world is going to end I am pretty flexible.

This year I will be shopping from 4AM-7AM and then heading to Hobby Lobby to work until 4 PM then I think it would be safe to say I will be calling it a day!

I actually typed this up on Thanksgiving day so I will be back later with all the details of my shopping trip and working trip

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

We have so much to be thankful for:
1. good health
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Faith
5. Job
6. Roof over head
7. Food on the table to eat
8. My Furbaby
9. money
10.Car to drive
11.My Creativity
14.Black Friday Deals
15.Taco Bell :)
17.Our Country
19.a Camera to capture memories
20.a scrapbook to treasure memories

and the list can go on and on

We and when I say we I mean "I" take way too much in our lives for granted
I need to stop and be THANKFUL more often

Schedule for Thanksgiving weekend

Eat lots of yummy food...
Spend time with the ones you love<3
Shop till you drop...

May you and yours have a Very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome To my New Blog

Oh how I love stamps and cupcakes!!! There is nothing better than a new stamp set from CTMH and a freshly baked cupcake with white frosting, YUM!!!!

I decided to start a blog to showcase a new journey in my life!

I am signing up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant (CTMH) I am so excited I can not wait to receive my consultant kit packed with yummy supplies, Then I will begin to do at home parties, parties to go, and workshops.

Busy stampers club
I am planning on starting an online workshop where you can pay through paypal and get your supplies shipped directly to your door complete with a full set of instructions/tutorial, where you can make your project in the comfort of your own home!...

Cupcake stamper club
this is where you would commit to buy a certain amount of money for 6 months at the end you get your hostess deals!...

Party to go
If you do not have the time to host a home gathering but you still want to earn free CTMH products that is fine just sign up for the party to go you will get everything you need to host a party plus a few examples of what you can make all wrapped up in cute packaging shipped to your door...

I am so excited for the kit to come so that I can begin to start this new business this new journey this new season in my LIFE!

More information to come about the parties and clubs I mentioned above stay tuned!