Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Stamp of the Month Blog Hop!

Welcome to the March Stamp of the month blog hop if you have come from
Latisha's blog Then you have come to the right place if you are just starting here that is fine as this is a circle hop you can get a full list of participants right under this post.I can not believe it is already that time again February is gone and it is March! Spring is right around the corner, I have never been more ready!
It seems like yesterday I was uploading for the February Blog hop. I have to admit that it was harder for me to come up with something this month. But I am happy with the results! I decided to make some gift certificate holders! I used all 4 paper packs from the spring idea book; veranda, topstitch, caboodle and you rock and Jingle from the Autumn/winter book! the March Stamp of the Month a little everything!

Gift Certificate holders made with the March Stamp of the month

Thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoy the rest of your blog hop now you will be hopping to Georgia's Blog

Happy Stamping!
Cupcake Stamper

Stamp of the month Blog hop participants

This month we have 69 participants you will want to take the time get you a cup of cocoa watch it snow outside and hop through these talented consultant blogs for some great inspiration!

Happy Stamping
The hop goes live at 7:00 PM Mountain Standard time tonight!
Cupcake Stamper


My absolute favorite place in the continental USA would have to be the islands of Aloha, Hawaii! I have been twice and plan to continue to vacation there, yesterday watching the morning news I could not believe what I was hearing, a tsunami! what? expected to hit Hawaii... What? my memories raced through my mind, as I began to pray for the people of Hawaii not only the residents but also the tourists. That the waves would not be as bad and they could get everyone to higher ground!
PRAISE THE LORD!!! The tsunami was not what we think of as a Tsunami with massive waves and devastation but more like a fluctuation in the tides! We need to pray and remember the people of Chile as they start to rebuild as we thought about those from Haiti!
I thought I would post some of my Hawaii pictures for you today!

In Hawaii everywhere you turn you see Gods beauty, and it makes you stand in awww that HE created all of this, the sunrise was, spectacular words can really not even describe it, the water how blue, beautiful! The beaches, the green mountains, all of it just breath taking! Being blessed enough to go to Hawaii has really made me be more Thankful for God's creation!

Until Next time
Happy Stamping!
Cupcake Stamper

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working hard

Close to my heart is work but fun work I would say, I love my job... I can not say that enough!!!! I have been very busy getting my new business off the ground and it is working I have workshops scheduled up until December of this year, my customer base is growing!

I was recently at a co-consultant's blog Katie Orse when she gave some great advice to CTMH consultants about getting organized, and I took her advice and started me a mobile office in a binder! I take that binder with me everywhere stay tuned for some pictures(I created a cover for the binder using the color me Monday color combination)

One of my goals this year is to create a better blog! By better I mean easier to read, more exciting and appealing, and with more information! I have been working hard on creating upgrades to my blog all week and as you can see I have some new pages added the links at the top! Please stop by and tell me what you think! You can click on the link it will take you to a bio page, artwork page, calendar page, join my team page, and a current promotion page! I think it cleans the main blog page up a little by creating a smaller more condensed side bar! I may create more pages in the future but for right now that is about it!

I want to thank my customers and my blog readers and followers I could not do it without you all and for that I am grateful! Here is to a Great year with Close to My heart!
Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

Friday, February 19, 2010

A day late and a dollar short...

Well I am late posting this for Valentines day but you can always alter this project to make them for different occasions as they are super easy with the help of my new favorite toy...ummm I mean tool:) the Scor-Pal!
(Notice my cute little studio mascots)
Step 1- Gather your materials:
1-paper cut to 7 inches long 3 inches wide(colonial white)
2-stamp set of choice(So lucky)
3-stamp pads(bubblegum)
5-tape runner
7-Paper trimmer(I used a 12X12)
9-glue dots
Cut your colonial white or base color to 3 inches across and 7 inches long(you will probably trim this when you are finished)

Make your scor lines at the 3 inch mark and the 4 inch mark(1 inch wide can be smaller for smaller treats or larger for larger treats)
Step 4:
Place a glue dot on the back of the treat to adhere to the treat holder
Step5: (no picture)
place the treat in the middle of the scor lines on the treat holder firmly press the treat to the holder to secure treat to holder

Step 6: (no picture)
fold both ends of the holder to meet above the treat (will make a tent over the treat) adhere with tape, glue dot, ribbon, or staple! you may have uneven edges as you bring the ends up to meet in the middle sit the treat on a flat surface and make sure it is even and level if you have an uneven edge just simply trim that edge to meet the other edge!
now that you have your treat holder made decorate it the way you want

Enjoy your little treat!

I do not know who originally came up with this cute little treat but it was not me, I will not take credit for something that I did not come up with, I learned it from my upline!

I just am sharing my version of the treat I did not write down the instructions from my upline I was just going off memory!

Happy Stamping!
Cupcake Stamper

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am not a big fan but if you know me I have done a whole lot better than I did in the past however it is really testing my nerves we have had snow in the forecast for the past 3 weeks and have it in the forecast for the next 2 weeks! I can not wait until spring!!!
However much I do not like the snow it can be pretty I guess so here are some pictures of the snow and my kitty enjoying playing! Enjoy the photos and think SPRING!

How sweet He is bounding off the hillside when we called him in for his treats I love my kitty!

Enjoy and stay warm
Cupcake Stamper

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Fresno

My Kitten turned 1 years old this past Sunday! Yes he is my valentines baby I just love that kitty and can not remember how my life was without him, I have enjoyed watching him grow up from a little little kitten into the cat he is becoming but don't get me wrong he is still very much a kitten he has so many toys including the hottest toy of the Christmas season zhu zhu pets yeah we went crazy trying to find him those little electronic hamsters but he loves them (he has 2) i would have to admit that he is quite spoiled, and gets what he wants when he wants it he loves to play hide and seek with his mommy(me), to run outside, chase bugs, he loves milk and treats, his toys, and to lay on the couch and watch TV his favorite show is Dancing with the Stars and American Idol:)

I have to add that he loved his tie and I plan on dressing him up more often how handsome is he!
Happy Birthday buddy
Danielle(Fresno's Mommy)
Cupcake Stamper

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Color Me Monday 2/8/2010

Every Monday on Jeanette Lynton's Blog she has a little challenge, I guess you could say! Where she picks a different color combination and makes some beautiful projects using that color combination, so much inspiration there, a couple of weeks ago she challenged us to create a special project using her color combination and post it on our blogs! I am so busy with school and work both my day job and CTMH (Yes I view it as another job it is a business I am trying to build) that I am a week behind but that is okay at least I complete the challenge:) So this one is from 2/8/2010 and the color combo is chocolate, baby pink, tulip, and olive, I really like how this turned out!

Front of the card features the So Lucky stamp set

inside of card features a small heart and blank so that you can fill in a special message!

I hope that you enjoy, you can also test this color combo out leave me a comment and show me what you create! This is Fun
Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Would you like a Close to My heart Idea Book

Now You can easily get one from my blog all you need is a credit card and or paypal account click on the buy now button under the picture of the idea book all it costs is $5.00 to ship our beautiful idea book to your door! How fun is that?

Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper


Do I love Valentines day? Not as much as other holidays but it is fun the colors the chocolates, the flowers, the stuffed animals yeah it is fun but not my favorite:)
I did however make some little valentines for my family when they came for dinner last Thursday I also made some bigger ones for my two younger cousins! Everyone loved them once they ate the chocolate they kept the little favor that I made! I will be back tom with a little tutorial on how to make them so be sure to stop back by.
Happy Stamping~
Cupcake Stamper

Friday, February 12, 2010

Display Boards Spring 2010

Spring Display Boards~ These are the ones I will be using at my workshops and clubs throughout the spring idea book January-April

As a new consultant these helped me to showcase are wonderful products and some projects you can complete with our papers!
I had a boards to showcase my upcoming workshops for the entire year and a sign up sheet in front of the board~ I have trouble getting people to sign up for things they are excited and will probably end up coming they just do not want to sign up no commitment, I will have to work on that... maybe some sort of incentive or gift for signing up for a workshop~
my hostess board this one is so cute, and it worked I got bookings in January so we will see how many more I can get from this cute board!
And Last but definitely not least my join my team board, I have stories from real consultants (I got them from the corporate website) and information from me personally! it got some looks but again no commitments this one should take a little extra thought since it is more than one party :) Hopefully I can get some people to look into this and join me on my fun adventure!

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My new favorite project!

Checkbook covers! Yeah I absolutely love making these.... They are so much fun, you can make them to coordinate with your purse, checks, seasons or any stamp set that you love! I am making these for doorprizes for my upcoming idea book release party!
So if you are one of my girls make sure you don't miss the PARTY in May!!!! This could be going home with you! Along with a ton of other prizes my plan is to give a new gift every 30 minutes and we will be playing a game that everyone can be a winner just by participating! Enjoy the checkbook covers I will be making more in the future:)

I used caboodle paper pack, sweet leaf, sorbet, heavenly blue, and creme brulee and the Spring time set!

Thanks for Stopping by!
Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My First Memory Keepsake Box

Okay I love these at first I thought this is not going to turn out pretty but I love how it turned out! I used a level 1 paper pack and the included my stickease (emporium) and a retired My Originals card kit, the colors match and I think it turned out nicely! Enjoy!

the top of the box with stickease as the focal point!
all edges had this paper on it love it~
inside of the box with all of the cards ready to give as a gift or maybe I will keep this one:)

Thanks for stopping by
Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Color Me Monday 2/1/2010

Color me monday is a blog post that Close to my heart founder Jeanette Lynton started to get us to use differnt color combos! Last week she encouraged us to participate in the color me monday challenge! I decided I would, however I am posting a week behind schedule due to my Busy Busy schedule! This weeks color combination is sweet leaf, baby pink, chocolate, and purples (I did not have the purples she requested but did have amethyst)

I made me a checkbook cover for my CTMH account I love how it turned out! Did you notice the cupcake, yeah I just had to have that stamp set!

a close up of the cupcake with purple wrapper baby pink icing and purple heart sprinkles!
close up of the font I used playful caps (retired) and a great excuse to break into my new package of rhinestones!
I also decided to make a valentine using the same color combo except with pansy purple for a darker look I used So Lucky stamp set and Chocolate, pansy purple stamp pad, baby pink and sweet leaf!
The inside of the card so lucky to have you! I love this set too

I will hopefully be back next week for another issue of Color me Monday!
Thanks for stopping by

Happy Stamping!
Cupcake Stamper