Sunday, February 28, 2010


My absolute favorite place in the continental USA would have to be the islands of Aloha, Hawaii! I have been twice and plan to continue to vacation there, yesterday watching the morning news I could not believe what I was hearing, a tsunami! what? expected to hit Hawaii... What? my memories raced through my mind, as I began to pray for the people of Hawaii not only the residents but also the tourists. That the waves would not be as bad and they could get everyone to higher ground!
PRAISE THE LORD!!! The tsunami was not what we think of as a Tsunami with massive waves and devastation but more like a fluctuation in the tides! We need to pray and remember the people of Chile as they start to rebuild as we thought about those from Haiti!
I thought I would post some of my Hawaii pictures for you today!

In Hawaii everywhere you turn you see Gods beauty, and it makes you stand in awww that HE created all of this, the sunrise was, spectacular words can really not even describe it, the water how blue, beautiful! The beaches, the green mountains, all of it just breath taking! Being blessed enough to go to Hawaii has really made me be more Thankful for God's creation!

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