Friday, February 19, 2010

A day late and a dollar short...

Well I am late posting this for Valentines day but you can always alter this project to make them for different occasions as they are super easy with the help of my new favorite toy...ummm I mean tool:) the Scor-Pal!
(Notice my cute little studio mascots)
Step 1- Gather your materials:
1-paper cut to 7 inches long 3 inches wide(colonial white)
2-stamp set of choice(So lucky)
3-stamp pads(bubblegum)
5-tape runner
7-Paper trimmer(I used a 12X12)
9-glue dots
Cut your colonial white or base color to 3 inches across and 7 inches long(you will probably trim this when you are finished)

Make your scor lines at the 3 inch mark and the 4 inch mark(1 inch wide can be smaller for smaller treats or larger for larger treats)
Step 4:
Place a glue dot on the back of the treat to adhere to the treat holder
Step5: (no picture)
place the treat in the middle of the scor lines on the treat holder firmly press the treat to the holder to secure treat to holder

Step 6: (no picture)
fold both ends of the holder to meet above the treat (will make a tent over the treat) adhere with tape, glue dot, ribbon, or staple! you may have uneven edges as you bring the ends up to meet in the middle sit the treat on a flat surface and make sure it is even and level if you have an uneven edge just simply trim that edge to meet the other edge!
now that you have your treat holder made decorate it the way you want

Enjoy your little treat!

I do not know who originally came up with this cute little treat but it was not me, I will not take credit for something that I did not come up with, I learned it from my upline!

I just am sharing my version of the treat I did not write down the instructions from my upline I was just going off memory!

Happy Stamping!
Cupcake Stamper

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