Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Fresno

My Kitten turned 1 years old this past Sunday! Yes he is my valentines baby I just love that kitty and can not remember how my life was without him, I have enjoyed watching him grow up from a little little kitten into the cat he is becoming but don't get me wrong he is still very much a kitten he has so many toys including the hottest toy of the Christmas season zhu zhu pets yeah we went crazy trying to find him those little electronic hamsters but he loves them (he has 2) i would have to admit that he is quite spoiled, and gets what he wants when he wants it he loves to play hide and seek with his mommy(me), to run outside, chase bugs, he loves milk and treats, his toys, and to lay on the couch and watch TV his favorite show is Dancing with the Stars and American Idol:)

I have to add that he loved his tie and I plan on dressing him up more often how handsome is he!
Happy Birthday buddy
Danielle(Fresno's Mommy)
Cupcake Stamper

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