Friday, April 9, 2010

Lets Get Buggy Cricut Friday Episode 2

Hello all Cricuteers,

Okay so it is almost 10:00PM and I just remembered it is Friday so this week I am going to be talking about a great resource for Cricut owners or people looking to buy a cricut!

The Cricut website

you will find a
  • shopping section
  • Product listing
  • information section
  • community section
  • rewards section
  • education section
In the community you will be able to find inspiration on the cricut cartridge exploration boards or just chat with other cricut members or information about different carts and tools

There has been some controversial topics discussed on the cricut boards, it may not be asked out loud but it is expected that you are very respectful to others and to the company while on the boards!

Stop by today and see what is new with the Cricut!

I have some exciting news but I can not share quite yet but hopefully soon:)

Danielle C.
Cupcake Stamper

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