Thursday, December 17, 2009

My first gathering!

Wow, I can not believe I am actually selling my favorite stamping and scrapbook products! I am excited and nervous, anxious and happy all at one time! My first gathering is scheduled for Saturday December 19th, everything was great until they called for S*N*O*W yeah I said the little 4 letter word that gets me all worked up:( If you know me you know that I do not do snow I dont like it, I do not go out in it, I do not want to even watch it falling to the ground it just makes me a little nauseous LOL! Well at least I do not have to go far right, about 2 or 3 miles but what about everyone else I have not even got an official head count people keep saying I think I am coming, so I guess we shall see! I hope I have a decent turn out I am excited to show people my new business venture:) I will post pictures of the projects we will be doing later if my camera will work!

Happy stamping
Cupcake Stamper

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