Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new adventure

Wow Have I been busy!!!!
Here is a little bit about what I have been up to
1-I finished school, I Graduated RBA(to add to my Medical Coding) with a minor in History,YAHOO!!!!!!!!
2-working towards my medical transcription degree
3-working at my church as a secretary
4-doing Cricut demo's at Michaels on Sunday's (But I def have to work on that during the week)
5-Scrapbooking trying to finish my Hawaii album before my summer vacation this year(it normally takes me 1 year to complete a vacation album)
6-working on Close to My heart workshops and classes
7-Doing some Major Spring Cleaning in my studio and room:) much needed LOL
8-Went to the Taste of Home cooking school--That was a lot of fun!
9-Getting ready for SUMMER-- planting outside
10-my new found passion well not really new just rediscovered... Jewelry making!!!

Yes on top of everything else I do I make Jewelry~ I am now thinking seriously about opening a shop on ETSY actually I had one a couple of years ago and it just got to be too much for me on top of everything else I had on my plate so I let it go:( but now I think I am ready to jump back in to the selling scene, the only thing is there is so many talented artisans on ETSY I don't know if I can compete but I think that is a risk I am willing to take~

I just need a fun hip name that if it were to become a successful Jewelry shop that the name would be perfect and would be recognizable~ I am having a hard time doing this as I just don't know what to name it, maybe it is hard because once you pick a name you can not change it (on ETSY) My dream is to be successful on ETSY and be able to do craft shows and fairs

I am making newer designs but some of my older designs will reappear in my new shop here are some examples (keep in mind this time around better pictures) and this is just a sample I have many more designs new and old designs~

Do you have any clue what I should name my shop? I have some ideas but nothing seems to be sticking I need something I can market with a logo and promotional items this business thing is hard stuff~

That is another thing if you have ever thought of opening up a shop on ETSY I would encourage you to do so but don't be like me (the first time) when you list items that does not mean they will magically sell, it is a lot of work and as much as I wanted to say it is just a hobby it was a real job to keep up with my shop~

Have a happy day
Danielle C
Cupcake Stamper

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Melissa said...

What about "Sweet Stones" for the name of your shop? Would go along with your Cupcake theme. :)