Monday, May 3, 2010

Fresno my baby

I was just recently in a room full of women, friends, fellow crafters, mothers, and we would talk about scrapbooking, shopping, our favorite place to eat, our professions, our other hobbies, but somehow we always got on the subject of their children!!! How sweet it was to hear them talk about their little ones, what they eat, what they do, how they sleep, what they look like, then out would come the pictures... I loved hearing their stories, seeing their pictures but I felt left out of the circle of motherhood because I have no little ones:( then I remembered I have a baby he may walk on all fours and he may be a little hairy, he may like to sleep out under the stars and he may not be able to talk in human language,and yes he may be a kitten but he is my baby, he is spoiled rotten and he loves me, So when I was in the room with these mothers I said now that I have heard about your child can I tell you about mine? They was always so eager to hear my typical mommy story and when I said FRESNO a lot turned their heads and walked off but my new found friend understood she stayed and she listened we were away from home on a business training and she would say I miss my girls and would say and you miss your little one then when we were getting ready to come home she kept saying at least your little one will wait up for you:) I was one of those people that thought pets are pets animals and that is it if a person thinks and treat s the animal as if they are their children they are weird and have something wrong~ Wow how wrong was I-- animals hold a very special place in your hearts no they are not humans, they are animals but they are a part of the family and are very special!!!!!

Here are some pictures of my little one, my Fresno

Beautiful baby

A kitty has a strong hold of your heart

Cat nap (now I know where that term comes from)

Very Photogenic ( it must run in the family)

A little rascal (I told you he is spoiled rotten, this is my close to my heart box, thankfully I had taken all of my supplies out just had the bubble wrap still inside, Fresno popped them all:) )

Have a wonderful Day!
Danielle C. AKA Fresno's Mommy
Cupcake Stamper

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Anonymous said...

Oh Danielle! Happy Mother's Day my friend! I had tears in my eyes reading your post. Your little man is too adorable :)
I hope you are having a great time with your demos too, will have to email soon and catch up.
Becky :)