Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 365

Wow I can not believe it is already the 5th day of January 2010 wow! I have decided to give this project a go again this year! I tried last year and made it to February I was doing good until I missed a couple days photos then our power went out for nearly 2 weeks yeah not fun and nothing to photo so I got discouraged. Also I had not printed any of my photos to even begin scrapping them, so really I do not think I really did the project last year but this is the year to do it!

Are you considering doing project 365?
Well I will give you my plan and give you some encouragement!
My goals
-take 1 photo per day (7 days per week)
-do not get frustrated when I miss a photo just keep going
- print photos on a regular basis
- have one specific day and time to scrap that weeks photos
- do 7 different photos each week example(Weather, lunch, dinner, activity, family member, thing in the house, what is on TV or PC)

I think this year is going to be a good one to scrap and document the year hey it is a new decade! A lot is going on in the world! I can not wait till the end to look back on this and see what an accomplishment it truly is! I am trying to be better at blogging especially now with my new business Close to My Heart Stamping and Scrapbooking! I want to make a weekly post regarding the P365 pictures journals the ups and downs of the commitment new ways to complete goals new layouts and more! So please check back often and see what is going on in the PROJECT!

Happy Stamping
Cupcake Stamper

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